How software helps cleaning businesses to be more successful

Cleaning has always been a time-consuming, back-breaking, and labor-intensive job. However, we have come a long way since the broomstick was invented. Today, there are many software tools that exist to improve the lives of cleaning professionals and help them run their businesses with little hassle.

If you are a cleaning business owner, you know how difficult it is to keep track of all aspects of your company. There’s so much that goes into running a business, from managing employees to making sure the cleaning products are stocked and the customers are happy. And if there’s one thing that most cleaning businesses have in common, it’s that they’re understaffed and overworked! That’s where software can help. Here are some ways that automated cleaning systems can make your life easier as an owner

Software helps you manage your cleaning business more efficiently.

A lot of things are happening at once: You have customers calling every day, staff members needing supplies, and financial reports that need to be prepared. 

It’s easy to get behind and feel like your head is spinning. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you stay organised and on top of things: software!

Software can make it easier for you to manage the flow of work through your company by allowing people within the company (and outside) access to information about what’s happening at all times. 

For example, if a customer calls with an issue or question about their service date, they may not be able to reach someone directly because everyone is busy working hard out in the field cleaning homes—but with software they’ll easily find the right person who can assist them immediately.

You will save time

Time is money, and you don’t want to waste either. With a software tool in place, you can:


  • Manage your schedule: Cleaning businesses come with long hours and lots of turnover—it’s impossible to keep track of who’s been hired, fired or called in sick when it’s all written down on paper or in a manual system. Software helps by automating the process so that you can easily see which employees have been assigned a job and if they’re still scheduled for it (or if they’ve canceled). You’ll also be able to access any past records at any time, allowing you to plan ahead more efficiently.

  • Keep track of customers’ preferences: While many companies use email lists these days, those aren’t always up-to-date—and even if they are accurate now, they won’t be later as customers move around or change their contact information! A cleaning software tool lets people enter other details about themselves like favorite services (such as window washing) so that staff members know exactly what needs doing without having to ask each individual customer every time he or she books an appointment with them


You can also use the software to keep track of previous jobs, so that next time you need someone to clean windows or wash cars, you’ll know who has experience with those tasks.


Automate your scheduling process. When you use a cleaning software tool, you don’t have to manually look through all of your staff members’ schedules and compare them with each other—the program will do it for you! This means that instead of trying to figure out who’s available at what time, you can simply let the software sort everything out while still keeping track of everyone’s availability.

Increase Revenue

This is a big one: your software should be able to help you upsell more services and more frequent cleanings.


You can easily add additional items, like home staging or pet services, and then promote those offers to customers who are already getting cleaned.

You might also consider setting up your software to ask for referrals automatically as part of the booking process, or even after a customer has used your service for the first time.


You can also use your software to help you with customer retention. You can set up a system that emails customers before and after cleanings, reminding them of the benefits of having their home cleaned regularly. And if they forget to schedule or cancel a cleaning, your software should be able to send them reminders as well.

In summary, your software should help you with customer acquisition and retention, upselling opportunities, scheduling appointments and getting referrals—all of this while reducing the time you spend on all these tasks so that your business can grow.

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