Manage Your Cleaning Business for a Simple, Flat Fee — No Hidden Costs, No Per Cleaner Charges

Streamline scheduling, automate invoicing, and grow your business without worrying about ballooning costs. With Limpio, you pay one flat fee for unlimited features.

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cleaning service appointment reminders

Complete more cleaning tasks with simplified scheduling.

Automatic billing and invoicing boost your revenue effortlessly.

Honestly, are spreadsheets and piecemeal solutions the future of your cleaning business?

Recall the countless hours spent on manual updates, the missed appointments due to scattered data, and the rising frustration from handling multiple tools. You deserve a streamlined approach. Dive into the new era of cleaning business management.

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The Old Routine: Is It Really Working?

Managing your growing cleaning business through a maze of spreadsheets and disjointed software isn’t just tedious, it’s risky.

Competitors' Offerings: More Than What You Need?

Many solutions out there drown you in excess. They might seem comprehensive, but ask yourself: do I need all of this?

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An all-in-one solution built for cleaning businesses

Automate your recurring appointments, keep track of your customer information and reduce last-minute cancellations.


No more pen and paper

Digitalise your business so you can grow like you always dreamed of


Easy scheduling

Drag and drop to quickly make changes to appointments


Full customer history

Keep track of your customers and their appointments history


Automatic reminders

People forget, accidents happen, or sometimes life just gets in the way


Staff management

Availability, pet allergies and extra info to assign your cleaners better


We do not limit you

Unlimited customers, appointments and cleaners

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cleaning service software

Simplified scheduling software for your cleaning business

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